Cocco & Salem  Key West Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery
Thanks to all!! I was one of the 50 favorites:D

Some of my favorite painters:

Jenny Dubnau at
Cynthia Westwood at
Rita Natarova at
Jennifer Anderson at
Laura Sanders at
Odd Nerdrum at
Hubert De Lartigue
at and
Francine Van Hove at and
Paul Reid at
William Lazos at
Sadie J. Valeri at and
Jennifer Nehrbass at
Jenny Morgan at
Eric Fischl at
Jason Paradis at
Alyssa Monks at
Damian Loeb at
Lee Price at
Jaime Valero at
Vania Comoretti at
Robert Standish at
Paul Roberts at
Marylene Proner at
Pauline brouin at
Ann Marie Valencia at
Julian Hatton at
Charles Matton at

Colores Gallery
904 West San Antonio (Hwy 90) Marfa, TX

Some of my favorite photographers:

Hellen Van Meene at
Elinor Carucci at
Rineke Dijkstra at
Bettina Rheims at
Elena Kalis at
Kate O' Brien at
Cecilia Magill at
Sarah Dobai at
Traci Matlock & Ashley MacLean at
Elina Brotherus at