Most of the work from Vogel exhibited here pertains to undines: "liquid women", bewitching and tragic. Several paintings deal more specifically with a quintessential theme of romantic symbolism, the drowning Ophelia.
Vogel's postmodern reexamination of the opheliac disappearance introduces subtle and complex nuances in the representation of feminity: Ophelia doesn't drown, she withdraws from us.
This feminity with an attitude is very different from the symbolist's victimized staging of feminity. Two antithetical avix cross each other to revisit the undine semiotic space. On a first dichotomy, the overexposed body contrasts with the thick darkness of the sleeping waters. On a second one, more complex, the ostentatious disclosure of nudity clashes with the dismissive looks of the women. Contrived stances and cold indifference work in two conflicting and irreconcilable directions. The painter's "manner" further emphasizes this duality. The meticulous execution, lavishly exposing the corporal envelop in utmost details, is balanced by the subtle body language of emotions, all expressed by minute nuances of posture, looks and pouts.
As a result, this whole sphere of antithetical feelings renews from top to bottom the foundation of the symbolist universe. Symbolists staged the sublime of the missing Ophelia, where Vogel experiments with the oxymoron of her withdrawal and glaring presence.


Lives and works in NJ and Toronto.


Invited in Realist Exhibition at the Madden Museum of Art, Denver, CO- 2010
-Recipient of the Best In Show prize for the Mid Atlantic New Painting Exhibition. for the painting "Myselves", UMW Galleries, Fredericksburg, VA- 2010

-Two Generations View Life, Cocco & Salem Imagine Art Gallery, Key West, FL-2010
-Recipient of the Mary Jane Twomey Award for Best of Show in the 64 Arts National Juried Exhibition for "Letting Go", Buchanan Center for the Arts, Monmouth, IL- 2009
-Selected for New Directions 09, NATIONAL JURIED CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITION with JUROR: Joan Young, Department of Contemporary Art Guggenheim Museum of Art, Barrett Art Center Galleries, Poughkeepsie, NY- 2009
-Auction Art for Heart, Buffalo, NY-2009
-Self Portrait Show, Austin Figurative Gallery, Austin, TX- 2008
-Private Landscapes, Colores Gallery, Marfa, TX- 2007-Solo Show
-Venus of Long Island, Colores Gallery, Marfa, TX- 2007-Solo Show
-Retrospective, Alicia's Designs, Woodstock, VA- 2004

Portrait and Mural Commissions- 1999-Present
Decor and costumes for stage set, New York City, NY-2001
Artist in Residence, Alicia's Designs, Woodstock, VA- 1997-2000
Cover and inside illustrations, Carrefour, Evry, France- 1994-1997

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"Rustic Warmth with Modern Conveniences" by Mark S. Reeve, ChesapeakeHome Magazine, MD, Summer 2008
"Venus of Long Island" by Joan R. Neubauer, Border Hotline News, Austin, TX, May 2007
"Portrait artist featured at new Marfa gallery" by Megan Wilde, Big Bend Sentinel, Marfa, TX, June 2007
Ingres, Regards Croises by Dimitri Salmon and Jean-Pierre Cuzin, 2006
"View askew," Northern Virginia Daily, VA, April 2000
"Room designing beyond the obvious" by Lisa G. Currie, Shenandoah Valley-Herald, VA, April 1998

New York Academy of Art with Alyssa Monks NY, NY 2006
Emile Cohl, Lyon, France 1994-1996
Ecole de Sevres, Paris, France 1993-1994
Academy de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris, France 1993

Hardy Graham Sr., President of Meridian Coca-Cola Bottling Company, MS
James Carville and Mary Matalin, VA
Fred Hulett, Hulett Furniture, MS
Other private collections in Florida, Texas, Washington, California, New York , New Jersey, France, Canada